About Us

Acuity Consult – The Next Generation of Legal Consulting

At Acuity Consult we are the exception, not the rule.  We provide our consultants with the freedom of self-employment and the support and resources of a national law firm. Our unique approach to consultancy enables lawyers to leverage our award-winning brand whilst feeling part of a larger team, helping them to grow their practices and see it flourish.

For too long the legal industry has been playing catch up with the seismic changes we see around us daily. At Acuity Consult, we are in tune with the times and our responsive business model is informed by years of experience working with and for some of the biggest City and national firms.

We have trained, qualified and paved careers with practices promising a work-life balance and a rewarding salary, but all too often these promises went unfulfilled. Acuity Consult provides lawyers with a competitive fee structure, the freedom to chart their own path and rewards the entrepreneurial spirit that is all too often discouraged by more traditional models.

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The Acuity Consult Platform

In building Acuity Consult our goal was simple: to create a market leading platform founded on a collaborative and collegiate culture which provides lawyers with the infrastructure and support needed to grow their business, in the manner that they wish. Whilst our consultants have autonomy over their practices and are remunerated differently, in most other ways the platform we offer is very similar to that used by our employees. This means that our consultants and employees can work together on projects providing a seamless service to clients.

Connect with Colleagues at our City Centre Offices

Whether you prefer working in the comfort of your home or garden office or from one of our beautiful offices in Bristol, Cardiff, London or Swansea.  Acuity offices are well equipped with ample meeting and collaboration space, tech-ready workstations and plenty of opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Innovative Tech Solutions to Support your Growing Business

We understand that importance of having intuitive technology to aid you in doing the day job. Our in-house team of developers work in synergy with our fee-earning community to ensure a seamless, hassle-free approach to working. 

Keep up to Date with Legal Know-how & Training

In an ever-changing industry where access to know-how is essential, Acuity consultants take advantage of an arrange of tools which include precedent banks and professional support. 

Marketing, Business Development & Harnessing Brand Acuity

People buy from people and at Acuity, we recognize the importance of galvanizing your personal and professional brand to drive your business.  With the ability to leverage our award-winning brand and work in partnership with our in-house sales and marketing function, we’ll support you with sales and networking campaigns, bids and tenders and legal directory submissions.

Back Office & Operational Support – Setting you up for Success.

Whether you need finance, administrative or IT support, our central teams of dedicated support are a valuable resource to your growing business.  We’ll assist you with those all too time-consuming tasks so you can keep doing what you enjoy most.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Peace of Mind as your Business Grows

With A-rated professional indemnity insurance cover of up to £60 million, Acuity consultants can pitch and win higher value work without having to worry about being prohibited from winning instructions because of limits on professional indemnity insurance.

Remuneration and Fee Sharing

Our remuneration and fee sharing arrangements are very competitive and include excellent commission arrangements for referrals.

At Acuity, we understand that it can sometimes take a team to deliver work.  Our market-leading referral arrangement rewards collaboration and teamwork. We recognize that referrals are an important part of developing business and more importantly in strengthening client relationships. Acuity consultants capitalise on the skills and expertise of those around them – whether consultant or employee and earn between 10% and 20% for referred work.  More importantly, Acuity consultants are in control of who they refer work to – our approach is always ‘the right fit for the client’.

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