Corporate Social Responsibility

Our People

At Acuity, the health and wellbeing of our people is at the core of our business. We seek to promote a health-conscious environment, buoyed by ‘lunch and learn’ sessions with nutritionists, mindfulness coaching and advice on how to reduce stress in the workplace. We recognise the equal importance of mental and physical health. 

As examples we provide fresh fruit for staff throughout each week and host regular ‘tea and talk’ afternoons to unpack the stresses and strains of the workplace. Our business is built by our people with our successes being a projection of their wellbeing. 

Our Planet

We are passionate about providing the best legal service for our clients while having the smallest impact on our planet as possible. We are on a learning journey and are collaborating with external sources to ensure continuous improvement.

We operate a two or three-screen desk set-up across the office which has dramatically reduced our consumption of paper resources when undertaking due diligence and document negotiation.

Our move to Microsoft Office 365, a web-based working environment, has been instrumental in our efforts to reduce paper usage.

We are proud supporters of The Chancery Lane Project, a collaboration between UK lawyers looking to develop new contracts and model laws to help organisations fight climate change.

We are actively encouraging staff to minimise the environmental impact of their commute by encouraging lift-sharing and the cycle to work scheme.

Our Communities

With offices in London, Cardiff and Swansea, it’s important for us to grow deep roots in our communities and build lasting relationships. Every year, team Acuity nominate and vote for our two charities of the year to raise money and support the vital work these charities do. We are often dusting off our aprons to produce delicious goods for our bake-offs or donning our trainers to run half marathons. This year, we are proud to support Bigmoose and Every Life Has a Purpose. 

Our pioneering Acuity Academy solution provides an array of legal compliance and business training solutions designed for the modern business.