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“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else”

For solicitors looking for the joys and freedom of self-employment, consider becoming a consultant partner with Acuity Consult. With the support and resources of a national law firm, our unique approach to legal consultancy enables you to leverage our award-winning brand whilst feeling part of a larger team, helping you to grow your practice as a self-employed lawyer and see it flourish.

For too long the legal industry has been playing catch-up with the seismic changes we see around us on a daily basis. At Acuity Consult, we are in tune with the times, and our responsive business model is informed by years of experience working with and for some of the biggest City and national law firms.

The key to our evolutionary approach is the realisation there no longer exists a one size fits all attitude to the way we work. With Acuity Consult, you really can have it both ways, with hot-desking and meeting room facilities available at all of our offices coupled with all the online and digital support you need. We allow our consultant partners to be in complete control of how, when, and where they work.


Join us today, evolve with Acuity Consult. Powered by Acuity Law.

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    • “Acuity’s legal expertise and administrative support has been invaluable.”

      Angharad Evans
      Angharad Evans
    • “I feel I’ve got about as close as it gets to achieving the ultimate goal of a work/life balance.”

      Cordelia Payne
      Cordelia Payne
    • “Acuity scores much higher than most in its level of support for consultants.”

      Jim Ryan
      Jim Ryan
    • “Being part of Acuity gives you unbridled access to an agile and innovative support network.”

      Robert Morgan
      Robert Morgan

    How is Acuity Consult different to other Consultant law firms?

    Powered by Acuity Law, a top-ranked commercial law firm with national and international reach, Acuity Consult Partners benefit from the freedom of self-employment with the support and resources of a national law firm. Our unique approach to consultancy enables you to leverage our award-winning brand whilst feeling part of a larger team, helping you to grow your practice and see it flourish.

    Where do Acuity Consult Partners work?

    Acuity Consult Partners take advantage of unlimited access to our office network free of charge. Whether you choose London or Swansea, Cardiff, or UAE, our modern office spaces are ideal for networking with colleagues or catching up with our support staff.

    How are Acuity Consult Partners remunerated?

    With a competitive fee share structure, referral scheme, and Acuity Pod, Acuity Consult Partners receive the lions share of what they earn. Please contact us to receive more information about our remuneration structures.

    What support do Acuity Consult Partners receive?

    Our next-generation service gives you the freedom and flexibility to build and grow your own practice, safe in the knowledge you can draw on the extensive backroom support of a full-service law firm, but only when you need it. With our Acuity Pod model and a team of Acuity colleagues by your side, we are on hand to support you from day one.

    Do Acuity Consult Partners work in silo?

    We are completely focused on building a culture of togetherness and support, regardless of where you work from and we are always working to help you build relationships and collaborate with other consultants and employees of Acuity Law. Working with like-minded lawyers who share your vision, values, and ambition is key to growing a successful consultant practice. At Acuity, you are never alone – you are a part of the Acuity community.

    How do I become an Acuity Consult Partner?

    One phone call is all it takes to start your journey with Acuity Consult. Let’s talk.

    One call is all it takes to join Acuity Consult

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