How We Work

Our next generation service gives you the freedom and flexibility to build and grow your own practice, safe in the knowledge you can draw on the extensive backroom support of a full-service law firm, but only when you need it.

We’re forging a new path in the legal world and we guarantee you won’t find our collegiate approach to consultancy anywhere else in the marketplace.


Whether it’s getting new business cards printed or circulating deal and media announcements, your client base will only grow with the right marketing support. In addition to the wide range of marketing support services we offer, we also provide Acuity Promote which is unlike any other marketing tool offered by other consultant firms. It is a match funding scheme to help you market and build your business with us, proving our objective to help you tread a different path.


We understand that as your practice continues to evolve the administration demands you face can grow exponentially. In addition to your legal work the burden of these extra tasks can be daunting, but with the support of our highly skilled team, we’ll make sure invoices are sent, meeting rooms booked, and your case files prepared as and when you need them. 

Legal Resource

Expert support and resource will ensure the smooth running of your growing practice and in addition to servicing your everyday needs, we also offer Acuity Pod, a next-generation service that allows you to scale up or scale down your legal team as and when you need them. Our junior lawyers, trainees, and paralegals are part of our award-winning Acuity Law team and available to you at significantly reduced rates to help you step away from the junior level work and maximise your profitability.


The flexible approach we take to consultancy recognises that you need support 24 hours a day, not the conventional 9 to 5. Our remote technical support is available whenever you need it and our comprehensive document management systems will bring structure and order to your flourishing practice.


The key to our evolutionary approach is the realisation there no longer exists a one size fits all attitude to the way we work. With Acuity Consult, you really can have it both ways, with hot-desking and meeting room facilities available at all of our offices coupled with all the online and digital support you need. This allows you to be in complete control of how, when, and where you work.


Words From Acuity Consult Partners

  • “Acuity’s legal expertise and administrative support has been invaluable.”

    Angharad Evans
    Angharad Evans
  • “In only a short period of time I have seen how Acuity nurtures an open and inclusive culture.”

    Ashley Whitcher
    Ashley Whitcher
  • “Acuity takes the best of ‘old’ law, but merges it with the opportunity and freedom that virtual working can offer.”

    Barry Sankey
  • “I feel I’ve got about as close as it gets to achieving the ultimate goal of a work/life balance.”

    Cordelia Payne
    Cordelia Payne
  • “Acuity scores much higher than most in its level of support for consultants.”

    Jim Ryan
    Jim Ryan
  • “Being part of Acuity gives you unbridled access to an agile and innovative support network.”

    Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan

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