Consultancy Solutions

What Acuity Consult Can Offer You

Why leave behind the traditional law firm?

The flexibility to work how and when you like?

The opportunity to manage your client base and projects your way?

The freedom to fly solo?

There’s no way a traditional law firm could offer all that, right?

Acuity Law is not a traditional law firm. We are a dynamic business delivering tech-savvy legal solutions.

We know that many of the sharpest legal minds are attracted by the autonomous, disruptive nature of consulting.

But many are also reassured by the familiarity of the law firm set-up, which offers operational support, collaboration, skilled resources, thought leadership – and structure.

At Acuity, we take the best bits of practice life, without the conventionalism that can stifle law firms from becoming progressive commercial operators.

What’s more, we put people at the heart of everything we do – whether they are consultants or our employed lawyers. Just like you, our employed lawyers are entrepreneurs, driven by bettering the client experience, and not by replicating the status quo.

We want our people to grow, and so we have created a platform on which they can do just that. Acuity consultants and the Acuity workforce join forces as each matter demands.

Need a team of junior resources for a one-off matter? Let us step in.

Got an idea for an app for your clients? Let our in-house web developers build a platform.

Want to drive your own practice at your pace, but worried you’ll miss the support and camaraderie of other professionals?

Whether you are employed by the firm or are self-employed, we’ll make sure you will feel part of Acuity, with full access to your new colleagues and the client-service platforms we have developed.

Our dedicated Consultant Talent Manager will work with you to understand your client base and how best to support it, as well as assisting with introductions and referrals to promote you across our networks.

The Acuity Consult Talent Process

At Acuity Consult, we work with the best and brightest legal consultants around. Our engagement process is open and informal and a form-free zone. Different people like to communicate differently, and we will meet you in the way that suits you best – over a coffee, a quick chat on the phone, or a video call. What’s important is that we find out if we’re right for each other.

Tell us about yourself

Send us your CV so we can get a 360-degree view of you and your practice.

Have a chat with our Commercial Director

Adele Carter would love to tell you more about Acuity Consult over a virtual tea or coffee!

Meet the Head of Acuity Consult

We’ll introduce you to Ed Finley, who can help sketch out a vision for your future as part of Acuity Consult.

Formalities & Onboarding

We aim to keep the onboarding process as simple and smooth as possible, so that you can focus on what matters most from day one.

Ready, steady, grow!

You are now ready to begin your journey with Acuity Consult, growing your practice with the peace of mind that the power of a full-service law firm is behind you – when you need it.

Acuity Pod – Support and Resource

At Acuity Consult, we have immersed ourselves in getting to know our consultant community. We have taken the time to really understand how our consultants want and need us to support them.

We know that many want to build their practices by taking on larger projects that utilise the resources Acuity Consult can provide. But we also know that managing a team of fee-earners can itself demand a significant investment of time that referral fees alone might simply not reflect.   

That is why we developed Acuity Pod, a platform that provides consultants with both junior and senior employed resource to assist with larger or complex projects, regular or repeat client instructions and procedural matters.

Acuity Pod is flexible and scalable, and allows you to access resources in different ways, to accommodate different projects. Your needs might change from one instruction to another, our back-up can support no matter what – whether it’s ad hoc legal resource or a secondee that would help you most.

Succession Planning

Consultant lawyers often assume that when they stop working, they stop earning. However, at Acuity Consult, we believe that succession planning is for everyone – and that the sweat equity that consultants invest in their client relationships should be remunerated. Our succession planning options include practice acquisition and payment of goodwill for client relationships. We take a flexible approach and always endeavour to structure arrangements tax efficiently.

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