Consultancy Solutions

What Acuity Consult Can Offer You

Elevate Your Practice

We appreciate that our consultants have different designs on how they want to develop their practices. We offer complete flexibility through our platform recognising that the autonomy of our consultants to work how and when they like is fundamental to the decision to become a consultant with us. Some like to manage clients and matters on their own and keep a flexible approach to when and how they work and others are interested in growing their practices and using junior resource for larger instructions. We cater for these different approaches and anything in between.

Whichever way you would like to grow your practice, we are committed to supporting our consultant community. We have a dedicated Consultant Development Manager working with our consultants to understand your client base and assist with introductions, referrals and promoting expertise.

The Application Process

Send us your details

Send us your details so we can find out more about you and arrange a good time to talk. It’s important to us to establish that we’re the right fit for one another.

A call with our Commercial Director

Adele Carter would love to give you more details about Acuity Consult over an informal virtual tea or coffee!

Talk to the Head of Acuity Consult

We’ll introduce you to Ed Finley who can help map out what your future can look like as part of Acuity Consult.

Formalities & Onboarding

We aim to keep the onboarding process as smooth and easy as possible meaning that from day one, you’ll be able to take control of your own working life.

Build your own practice

Get building your own legal practice, safe in the knowledge you have the power of a full-service legal team behind you, there when you need it.

Acuity Pod – Support and Resource

We have spent a lot of time thinking about how best to support those who wish to grow their practices and how we can help effectively resource work. For those consultants who want to grow their practices and need a wider team round them, managing fee earners can result in a significant investment of time and so simple referral fees may not serve as adequate compensation. Therefore, we have developed Acuity Pod. Acuity Pod provides both junior and senior employed resource to consultants to assist them with larger or complex matters, regular or repeat client instructions and procedural matters.

Acuity Pod is flexible, scalable, and agile and can be structured in different ways depending on a consultant’s needs ranging from ad hoc resource to legal secondments.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is typically an area that is left until very late, typically because our industry doesn’t tend to recognise goodwill and lawyers have traditionally accepted that when they stop working, they stop earning. We believe there is a different way to approach this and that the sweat equity that consultants invest in their client relationships should be remunerated. We are always flexible in our approach and will help structure such arrangements tax efficiently where possible. Our succession planning options include practice acquisition and payment of goodwill for client relationship.

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