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At Acuity Consult, we are dynamic – and so is our engagement process. We’re not formulaic, so why should our approach to finding the best and brightest legal consultants be?

Our engagement process is open and informal and a form-free zone. We will meet you in the way that suits you best – over a coffee, a quick chat on the phone, or a video call. We won’t put you through a tedious interview process or expect you to tick boxes. What’s important is that we find out if we’re right for each other. 

From day one, you will be your own boss, making your own decisions about the hours you work, the projects you take on, and the clients you work with. But for every step of your journey with Acuity Consult, you can rest easy knowing that an award-winning, full-service law firm has got your back.

Take the first step towards a way of working differently and reach out to us today.

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Adele Carter

The Application Process

Send us your details

Send us your details so we can find out more about you and arrange a good time to talk. It’s important to us to establish that we’re the right fit for one another.

A call with our Commercial Director

Adele Carter would love to give you more details about Acuity Consult over an informal virtual tea or coffee!

Talk to the Head of Acuity Consult

We’ll introduce you to Ed Finley who can help map out what your future can look like as part of Acuity Consult.

Formalities & Onboarding

We aim to keep the onboarding process as smooth and easy as possible meaning that from day one, you’ll be able to take control of your own working life.

Build your own practice

Get building your own legal practice, safe in the knowledge you have the power of a full-service legal team behind you, there when you need it.

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